Benefits of Membership

Fifth Renewal Benefit

Upon reaching their fifth renewal, members no longer pay surplus contributions as part of the cost of their insurance. Over 6,500 members passed this milestone last year, saving over $6 million in 2018 alone. This brings the total number of members who no longer pay surplus contributions to 20,671, which represents 25% of the membership. A member’s tenure with PURE has a direct correlation to their enthusiasm; the NPS of members who reached their fifth renewal in 2018 increased by 10 points. Learn more about our NPS results here.

5th Renewal.PNG

Subscriber Savings Accounts

Despite the industry facing another year of catastrophic losses, we are delighted to share that we will make an allocation of $21.5 million to Subscribers Savings Accounts (SSAs) for the 2018 year. For more information on SSAs and the unique value they provide, visit