An Enthusiastic Membership

Member enthusiasm continues to be one of our primary measures of success.

To help us determine enthusiasm and benchmark progress, we use Net Promoter Score (NPS®). An organization’s NPS is derived by classifying its customers into three categories—Promoters, Passives and Detractors—based on their answer to one simple question: How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague? Customers respond on a 0–10 scale, where 9–10 are Promoters, 7–8 are Passives and 0–6 are Detractors.

We recently changed our approach to NPS. Rather than an annual distribution to the entire membership, we are sending the survey quarterly to a portion of the membership (25% selected at random). Each member will still receive the survey once a year, but with this new process, we can capture valuable feedback on an ongoing basis to help us continuously improve.

Insights collected from past surveys have helped us innovate in the way we deliver on our promise to provide an excellent member experience. For example, your feedback in past surveys has led to the introduction of new offerings like PURE StarlingTM Fraud and Cyber Fraud coverage, as well as improvements to existing offerings, like a higher sublimit for jewelry on our Homeowners policy and more logical pricing on high limits of Personal Excess Liability coverage.

We take this survey very seriously and spend a significant amount of time analyzing the results. From these results, we see that the enthusiasm of our members is amplified as they experience our service, deepen their relationship with us by adding more policies and begin to see how an alignment of interests, a commitment to transparency and a strong sense of purpose drives PURE. As we work towards continuous improvement, we began to look for trends that are common among our most enthusiastic members. Here are some of those findings.


We are delighted to share that our NPS has once again increased. Our NPS of 72 reflects a highly engaged and enthused membership.

Net Promoter Score.png






As a reminder, upon reaching the fifth renewal with PURE, members no longer pay surplus contributions as part of the cost of their insurance. This has a direct correlation to their enthusiasm; the NPS of members who reached their fifth renewal in 2018 was ten points higher than the same group in the year prior.



While we see a higher than average NPS among members with three or more policies, that number is even greater among members who have policies with both PURE and PURE Programs, indicating an appreciation in our ability to solve more and more of their complex insurance needs.



Over the past year, we’ve made several enhancements in the area of risk management, like adding additional staff so that we can meet with even more members and utilizing data and analytics to provide personalized loss prevention advice rather than a “one size fits all” solution—all in an effort to help more members avoid the hassles and disputes that often come with a claim. Among the members who joined PURE in 2018, the NPS for those who received a PURE 360TM Risk Management Consultation is eight points higher than the score from those who did not receive a home inspection.

PURE’s Risk Management Team

PURE’s Risk Management Team



Nearly 60% of the membership receives their policy documents and bills electronically, and the NPS of those members is three points higher than those who receive paper documents.

eDelivery provides you with easy access to your policies and bills, while also reducing the environmental impacts caused by printing multiple large policy documents.

To sign up for eDelivery to safely and securely receive your bills and policy documents electronically, visit the Member Portal at or call Member Services at 888.813.7873.