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The Chief Human Resources Officer

Katherine Richardson, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Katherine Richardson, Chief Human Resources Officer.

To the PURE Membership,

I joined PURE in late 2017, and like most of my colleagues, I was drawn to the company because of our strong culture—a purpose and set of principles that define why we exist, how we do our work and our connection to one another. Authenticity is an essential component of our cultural identity. To ensure our environmental framework never becomes jargon, we embarked on an effort to “renew our vows.”

Over the course of several months, we examined the underlying purpose of our organization to ensure it not only resonated with our colleagues in all areas of the company, but it also served as a North Star to guide the major decisions we make. Our purpose is to enable our membership to live their lives to the fullest and to pursue their passions with confidence. I hope you can see this purpose in action when you read stories of our membership in this report.

We further defined the PURE Principles that help our employees make tough decisions. Our folks know how to do their jobs well. But, from time to time, they are faced with conflicts, complexity or confusion. We hope these Principles guide our colleagues to make the right decision.

Lastly, we wanted to better define the people who thrive in our environment. Prior to my arrival, the company made significant investments in training and screening for emotional intelligence and empathy. There is no doubt these investments contributed to our reputation for service, and they also played a role in making PURE one of the “nicer” companies I have ever known. As I watched those who truly created great outcomes for all stakeholders, it was clear we needed to go “beyond nice.”

We aim to recruit, develop and reward people who are:

Kris Wieckowski, Sales & Marketing Manager, at the 2019 PURE Leadership Forum.

Kris Wieckowski, Sales & Marketing Manager, at the 2019 PURE Leadership Forum.

Intellectually curious. We seek new insights, new solutions and new skills to improve ourselves and our business.

Passionate. We love the work we do and the people we do it with. We enjoy the journey and the time we spend together.

Empathetic. We are at our best when we listen, care and remember our members are the center of our story.

Team players. We recognize that through collaboration, we achieve greatness together.

We take pride in the recognition we have received as a top entrepreneurial organization, a top corporate culture and one of Fortune’s Best Places to Work. Yet, there is so much more to do. This summer, we will welcome approximately 50 new college graduates drawn to our company from some of the finest colleges and universities in the country. It’s energizing to see the passion and curiosity these young people bring to our company. Before too long, they will be inventing the next breakthrough in service or solving some longstanding problem.

There is a wonderful energy that can be felt in our offices across the country. We welcome you to stop in someday and see your company in action. I also realize that so many of you lead successful organizations and focus on culture in your own right. If you have feedback from your experiences or suggestions for how we can improve, I welcome your ideas. My email is krichardson@pureinsurance.com.

Like all of my colleagues, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for your support of PURE.


Katherine Richardson
SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer