Water damage

The Top Cause of Loss Among PURE Members 

Roughly 1 in 25 PURE members experienced a claim for water damage in 2018, totaling more than $170 million in insured losses. That’s a 44% increase in water damage claim costs compared to the prior year. There are some simple explanations for this increase: Every year our housing stock gets older, making the plumbing more likely to rust or crack and water heaters more likely to fail. Members are opting more frequently for the convenience of a second-story washing machine versus the recommended bottom-level placement and rely on more and more water-connected appliances than previously.

There is also the challenge of unoccupied homes. More than half of the PURE membership insures multiple residences with us, yet relatively few have full-time caretakers. This means for an extended period of time throughout the year, many of the homes we insure are unoccupied. The severity of a claim soars when water runs for days without being noticed.

The average cost of a water damage claim among the PURE membership was $55,000. When the origin of the claim was a burst pipe, the average cost was even higher—$92,000. In addition to being an expensive problem for your insurance company, these claims are very disruptive to the members involved—displacing them for an average of 100 days while their homes are restored to their original condition.

in nearly every instance, water damage claims can be avoided or significantly reduced.


PURE’s Risk Management team is focused on reversing this trend. We are starting to use new technology that will allow you to see areas of your home that are more vulnerable, and we are utilizing data to analyze historical water losses in order to better identify members who are at a higher risk of experiencing a claim. This allows us to be more efficient in our PURE 360TM Risk Management Consultations and enables us to provide each member with more personalized advice.


There are steps you can take to help protect your home from water damage—from taking advantage of technologies that monitor and automatically shut off water flow to properly maintaining your home’s systems and hiring a caretaker to check in on your home while you are away. Some of these steps can even help you save on the cost of your insurance.

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