In 2018, PURE issued more than 600,000 policies and bills for more than 80,000 members. We performed more than 12,000 PURE 360TM Risk Management Consultations to help members estimate replacement cost valuations, identify opportunities to reduce the likelihood of loss and provide documentation to accelerate the settlement process in the event of a claim. We issued more than 130,000 alerts from the PURE Situation RoomTM and handled more than 27,000 claims.

As our team evaluates how we can create a better experience for our membership, we focus on three areas: measuring what we do and how we impact your lives; improving everything we do and reducing or removing friction from your dealings with us; and seeking the next breakthrough to give you the insights or utility that adds value to our relationship.

Several of your fellow members have kindly agreed to share their stories in hopes that lessons learned from their experiences can make all of us smarter about the risks in our lives. Click on their names below to learn more.

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